Three reasons to use Free Social Classifieds

Selling your second hand items should be a difficult task, all you want to do is to create an ad and hopefully buyers will find your offer.


When creating an ad for the second hand item I want to sell, I should not have to learn HTML or FBML or PHP or any other these other starnge diseases which many of these selling platforms make you learn. Oh Sure there is a WYSIWYG (what you see if what you get) editor that is meant to simplify it(but it never does).

You should be able to log into your facebook account, to registers, next you take a photo with your smart phone, type in some text and publish you ad…. How difficult is thats

COST of Publishing your classified ad

Unfortunately those sites that have alot of traffic to their sites such as ebay, charge a fee regardless of whether you sell the item or not, and with a pass in rate for most sellers in excess of 80 % then the chance of selling is greatly dimished and last but not least there is the time to create the ad in most cases is too long to consider, unless you are doing this as a business

How valuable is your time, if you are going to be selling online. Candence daugherty ran the experiment and found that after her time was taken into account, the cost of the original items and the paypal fees and ebay fees then the hourly rate was reduced to just $2.76.

if you are running a business then this is simply not enough to live on and you need to find a better solution you can try out the free classifieds on the web but these have limited exposure and if you want to sell then you need to create a premium ad.


Then there are the criagslist sites and clones which all the black-hat entrepreneurs uses to spam the net and to flood you inbox with viagra adsthere has to be a better way to connect your friends and followers on facebook and twitter to the products that you want to sell.

  • You should not have to pay if there is no interest in your product
  • You should be safe from spammers and scammers
  • the website should not be full of vulgar ads or ad concerning some weight loss pill or sex pill
  • You should be able to know if this is a genuine ad or not
  • It should be possible to upload your classified in less than a minute to the net
  • it should be possible to create your ad with your mobile device

It should be possible to have a mobile app that is free to allow you to do all this

All these problems have now been solved with the advent of a new social classifed from IBuyWeSell where the primary platform is the mobile device. There are apps for most of the popular mobile smartphones and you can search in your own area quickly and easily, and not having to go to the website to regsiters.

Connect with Facebook, and start selling today
TAP TAP Sell …. how easy is that….

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