Our Story

We believe in challenging ourselves and others like us for living responsible and abundant life.

Right now, we are all incepted with the idea of dynamic living. Always chasing something and always in rush to get somewhere…quick.

On that path we don’t think about the consequences and the implications that our actions have on the environment and our surrounding.

On the other side….

We are told (and we are consciously aware) that we are living in more connected age than ever also with more information than ever.

And still, we are prone to buying more and more things to fulfill our psychological thirst for success and achievement (we are told that “belongings = success = happy life”), but also freezing our real connection with people that we know, like and care for…in a sense of contribution, exchange and engagement.

But we all know better

We want to challenge all of this, buy asking questions that need to be asked and raising discussions with you so we can model a solution to overcome this vacuum that we are living in.

We will also provide examples and our “two cents” on the questions asked and we will be very happy if you contribute on this blog.

All this made because we want to engage ourselves in conversation with you so we can establish better

Place for discussions about abundant and connected life, saving/earning money by exchanging things and belongings fast, easy and for free.

…which will be the main purpose of this iBuyWeSell blog, complementary to the www.ibuywesell.com which is a platform that we carefully build in order for you and us to take ACTION right now!

It is free and also easy to do it even from the palm of your hand with the mobile apps that we have developed for you.

Here is what needs to happen next:

  1. Take a moment to think about the belongings that you have and that you don’t need or you want to sell them.
  2. Make a list of them and decide which will be the top 3 that you are ready to exchange or sell
  3. Go to www.ibuywesell.com/place_ad and make an ad for every one of them
  4. Share the ad with your friends and family
  5. Send us an email on hello@ibuywesell.com and tell us which are your ads so we can also share it via our channels

If you have any questions or needs that we can answer/fulfill …we encourage you to write us by clicking here hello@ibuywesell.com .

See you in the comments area or in our inbox,

The iBuyWeSell Team