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Every one connects at Facebook,, we all engage our customers and it is a win-win situation, everyone likes this and that button, but in reality we all want a bargain, regardless of the platform, which we are selling on.

Classifieds websites have always been big and bulky sites with too many categories, making it disfficult to select the right category as well as making it harder for buyers who are looking for your second hand items.

Nearly every classified web site is designed for the desktop computer and so that they can fit as much information into the screen as possible, ateempting to rank for additional long tail keyphrases. In reality this does not help the person who wants to buy your second hand good. What happens when someone is not at their desktop computer and they need to find second hand goods immediately; they turn to their mobile and go a their classified site. Unfortunately their favorite classified site is not optimised for smartphones. If the classified site has an mobile app, you will in most cases have to pay for the app…

How are you now going to find all those second hand items in a radius of 10 km 2from where are now standing. Nearly every classified site you select you major city and then need to read the ads to find the suburbs, if you are lucky the classified site will break the ads into suburbs, but none of the traditional classifieds sites used to sell your used goods pick up your location directly.

Heaven forbid if you need to sell your old unwated second hand goods, get out your digital camera, select a template to place you ad in, write the copy, upload the ad and publish.. it is just so cumbersome with the traditional classified websites.

Looking for a new or second hand guitar, car, bike or place to rent, kick start your iBuyWeSell Android app and find everything your looking for.

Connect with Facebook, and start selling today….TAP TAP Sell …. how easy is that

iBuyWeSell provides you with a number of search option deepening on your needs, you can either use the around me search and find all items which are within you desired distance, or if your want you can explore the various category search option to drill down to particular items, if you want to follow the crowed then just press the popular search and see what everyone else is looking for.

iBuyWeSell provides you quick easy and relevant search and find options to take away the hassle and let you find what your looking for fast easy and in your surroundings.

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