Steps To Take In Starting An E-Commerce Website


Like many businesses today in the real world, starting up an online store poses its own challenges. So many people in business are looking to start up a webshop. The challenge here is not just taking your business online but doing it the right way. Now the question on your mind should be, how do you start an online store?

Just like businesses in the real world, online stores have a number of requirements that you need to fulfill to get it running smoothly. In this article, a number of steps will be discussed in the bid to guide you through starting up a webshop.

Make a plan

This is not new anymore; it is something that is said every time. However, it has proven to be of utmost importance and a great determinant of business success. Fine, you might say “I have it all planned out in my head, I have thought about what and what I hope to achieve and I am ready to start up an online store”. This is beautiful, but then, it might seem good in your head but how about actually putting it down in writing? The aim of making a plan is to precisely say, “that is where I am going”, “that is what I want to achieve” and no better way to clearly state that if not in writing. Doing this also, helps you sieve through the many thoughts and ideas in your mind and arrive at one thing that you identify as key and writing it down. Business in the real world make plans, how much more an online store?

E-commerce Development

This becomes the next big thing. It has to conform with your plan. In what way do you look to enter the digital market; a website, through social media or a mobile app? Now, many online retailers will go to a website which is actually a good idea if you can afford it.  Some business owners might be wary at the thought of building a site from scratch. Yes, this can be challenging and also time-consuming. However, there are solutions out there, ready-made e-commerce website design provided by organizations to help businesses start an online store at a reduced cost and virtually no technicality involved. So, it is left for you to decided how you would like to customize it based on your intentions. Although your plans should also be customer oriented and your e-commerce website design should be user-friendly. Bear in mind that this stage of your online store start-up is of great importance. One thing you can do is to go through other shopping sites and see how you will like to make your website design.

Also, should you choose to build your website, then you should be looking to hire coders with diverse knowledge to be able to adapt and support the future needs of your e-commerce development. Also, do not leave them without regular training to keep their skills up to date.

Take a pilot test

At this point, it is time for you to now make your analysis and see how much success your design will bring you, how much insights you can also get to help improve your design before finally taking it out to the online world. Doing a pilot test is an excellent way to know if indeed all will go as planned or whether there are additional things you need to do.  You can get insights like how much server resources your site will require if you will need a dedicated server or not, the type of payment gateway you would like to incorporate to your website etc. a lot goes into e-commerce development, and that is why a pilot test is important.


Many business owners seem to forget the importance of formal documentation and legal agreements. Confidentiality is essential, and there are legal laws that are binding in such situations. A non-disclosure agreement is a good example of a legal document that ensures the security of your business property. Also having a formal agreement with your web designers as well as coders. All costs, payments, and terms of work should be clearly outlined in the agreement.



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