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Ibuywesell is a new generation online market place and powerful social classified marketplace, for consumers and business to trade via the Mobile, Web and Facebook, which allows you to share classifieds ads on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Unlike Facebook classifieds, IBuyWeSell is based around the mobile phone meaning that you can sell your old iphone and unwatend second hand goods in seconds, with just a few clicks and tap of your Iphone.

Reach local Buyers. Sell your unwanted good for cash and earn with the new Social Classifieds Iphone app. iBuyWeSell helps you make money via your mobile anywhere, anytime with their new mobile social classifieds app for the Iphone!

Publish Free Social classified ads

You advertise for FREE, find, buy and sell new and second hand items in your local community, tap tap tap buy and sell locally, it’s as simple as sending an SMS with this new Social classifieds Iphone App.

Free Social Classified app for Iphone

Ibuywesell have just released a new version of the FREE social clssifieds app for the Iphone so that you can publish your social classified ads for free at Ibuywesell and share with all your friends on facebook and twitter.

New features for the social classified ad app is that it now becomes much easier to maximize the chances of selling items to people in your social network, sharing on facebook and twitter, making it easier than facebook classifieds to sell your second hand items and old smartphones on IBuyWeSell.

Place your Ads (Classifieds) with pictures for Free and reach millions of people via the mobile,, Facebook and twitter.

We find new homes for your old or unwanted things!

  • Free Ad/Classified publications
  • Create Ads under 60 Seconds
  • Free Mobile application
  • Search around me for bargin
  • Manage your Ads on the go
  • My wish list

The social classifieds app is also available for iPad, iPod touch, android OS phone (ie. HTC, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, LG) and symbian OS (ie Nokia, Sony Ericsson) and Samsungs Bada mobiles

Try it let us know what you think

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