Happy Birthday iBuyWeSell.com

The International platform where environmentally conscious people gather to sell, buy swap and giveaway, pre-owned and unwanted belongings to people they know and trust, celebrates its 4th Birthday Melbourne, 1st of April, 2014 We definitely live in the biggest shortage of time. We say this because, although it feels like we’ve started yesterday, iBuyWeSell today […]

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iBuyWeSell.com Presents: The Ultimate Lifestyle Apps Suit – “Antikz”, “DressMe”, “Bukzy” available in Google Play Today

Three new apps that enable you to discover, buy and sell valuable Antiques, find, buy or sell Fashion clothes and accessories, Discover, buy, sell or swap Books that matter! MELBOURNE – November 12, 2013 Available today, three new apps: “Antikz”, “DressMe”, “Bukzy” will join the iBuyWeSell.com App family in the Google Play Market. This suit […]

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4 Tips on how to create great customer experience

Running business could be really complex leading to forget why you have started in first place. Forgetting your main goals is the worst thing that can happen. Delivering customer experience must be your primary goal. Lot of companies are losing sight of this while focusing on other issues like vendors, hires, profits, available budget and […]

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Tips for taking better photos for your products

Taking the best pictures of your products is crucial if you want to see those sales coming in. All pictures should reflect your product manufacturing style and showing the quality in it. This is important because each photo of your products is a marketing representative for your brand. We have 5 simple but useful tips […]

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5 Tricks that will keep the money in your wallet when you go on shopping

Are you looking for ways to spend less when you go on shopping? Good. We all are That is why we’ve prepared 5 tricks that you can start practicing today and see the results on your own 1. Make a list before you go out It’s important for you to make a list of things […]

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How to find out what customers want

Isn’t this the most wanted insight for business people? Knowing the needs of your customers can be the huge part of your business strategy plans. Maybe the most effective way to find out what customers need and want is just ask. Easier said then done, but many companies rely on this feedback through emails or […]

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How to write good product descriptions

Unique and informative descriptions about your product will help you increase sales. Giving your best into describing the use of your product is something that will bring you more money and market success. Informing potential shoppers why they need your product now, sometimes can be the hardest task. You’ve got to convince them that you […]

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New or Used smartphone…How to decide?

We can declare this period of time as “The smartphone era”. Every day we are seeing different smartphone models launched from many companies and new features coming along with them. So, the big question for all the potential smartphone buyers is what to choose. We are going to give you 5 tips how to choose […]

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Use VIDEO to sell your products online

Most of the companies started to use online video marketing like a way for effective communication and promotion. One of the most shared recommendations is: “Keep it short!” – because every potential customer has a short span of attention. If you are slamming lots of content on a long lasting video, they will get bored […]

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How to sell used stuff (clothes)

Step #1: Do a research about the online stores Researching online stores is the first thing you need to do. Contact them and see what products they are taking. Sometimes it happen online stores to be full with specific items and they stop the process. If this happens ask them when do they start and […]

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