Tips to Boost Sales Using Social Media


With growing competition in the online market, one will need more than just a regular sales strategy to navigate through the very competitive online world. Online retailers need to up their marketing game with improved strategies to help boost their overall sales through a better user-friendly experience. Social media is a great platform to advertise your brand to a wider audience. However, the question still begs, what’s the best way to use social media to generate more sales? In this article, you will be exposed to a few tips that will show you how to use social media to improve your sales strategy.

Study Reviews

No better place to find reviews of your brands from customers if not social media. Take out time to carefully read through customers’ responses about your product. Studying reviews is one of the best ways to get qualitative data insights to base your plans and improvements on. Reviews can also be immense when it comes to qualitative data analysis. Furthermore, you can draw reasonable conclusions through the insights you get. When a brand develops the skill of listening to its customers, it is able to generate more leads and develop more effective strategies in its marketing campaign.

Get Involved with instant messaging

Nothing pleases customers more than when they know they can reach out to you directly. They can get feedback quickly and in a friendlier environment. It feels much more personalized and welcoming. Your customers tend to feel special knowing they can have a one on one conversation with a brand. You can personalize and automate your messages. This is one amazing platform that you shouldn’t miss out on as part of your e-commerce solution.

Create an avenue for customers to share their personal experiences

Yes, you might have a good marketing campaign, your ads are everywhere, your brand name is getting a lot of visibility, but when all this is not backed up with the right opinion of people, then you can be sure that your brand will be out of the market in no time.  You might be wondering why this is so, here is what happens. When a brand is being heard of, people sought after it from other people who have tried it to know how good or bad it was. And for each person that hears a bad story about your product, can cost you another seven potential customers, and the chain goes on. So, it is vital that your brand allows your customers to have a platform to air their views about their experiences, what they liked and probably what they did not. With this, you get more insights on what you are doing wrong, and other customers can make a better decision on what they are buying because they know what that particular product is all about.

Allow buying options even from social sites

You are looking for something different, something unique, then try and make it possible for customers to be able to purchase your products instantly from popular social media platforms. That way they do not necessarily have to go through your e-commerce website, through searches and filters to find a product. Customers love shopping sites that are convenient, almost zero stress and great efficiency. Having a button for them to click on to buy a product instantly from the social platforms increases your chances for more sales and more customers.

Create a periodic promotional event

As a webshop or an online store, you are out for the customers; you need their attention. What better way to get their attention if not by making special offers? Creating incentives that will make people troop into your web shop, to take advantage of a limited time sales promotion. This is an excellent and tested marketing strategy that many shopping sites have used down the years. They call it all sort of names, depending on how robust and good your deals are during these special sales period; customers will find themselves expectant for the season of your special offer. You can go ahead and give them a hint of things to expect through emails during such periods, products available as at that time, discounts given on purchases and more to heighten their anticipation.

Social media is a great way to get these promotions and exclusive offers out to both present and potential customers. With over 750 million monthly active users on some of the biggest social media platforms, the potential to increase the sale of your e-commerce store is limitless.



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