Tips On Improving Your Overall Conversion Rate From Your Website Traffic


Almost every business owner if not all, is taking their businesses online and joining the e-commerce world. Through marketing campaigns from search engines (SEO and SEM), social media and email marketing, these e-commerce websites are able to attract a large number of audience to their sites one way or another. But then the success of an e-commerce solution or website has never really been by the number of its visitors or how much traffic the shopping site gets, but by its conversion rate. The conversion rate is basically the number of people that visit your site to the number that actually perform an action on your site; like a transaction or registration.

Understanding a few tips on how to improve your conversion rate will go a long way in promoting your e-commerce website and boost sales.

  1. Have a proper description of your product or service.

When people search for a product or service, the search engine produces results based on keywords and descriptions it finds in different websites. Ensuring you have a proper description of your product or/and services will attract the right visitors to your page. Too often, customers end up in websites that do not have what they are looking and this is as a result of the wrong choice of keywords.

  1. Ease of Navigation

This is of great importance. No one likes going in circles looking for what they want, knowing that, that is not the only online retailer available. Use proper headings for your navigations, ensure your products are correctly categorized and easy to view. Search bars should be available to make it much easier for customers to find what they are looking for. Again, your potential customers will only run out of patience if they have to keep struggling to find what they want. Let your website be so friendly that anyone trying to make a transaction on your webshop will find it fluid and easy. Also, ensure that your customers are guided to their shopping carts when checking out. This has been a convention in many e-commerce website designs. It will be bad if after a customer has made so many selections and now ready to proceed to pay and the next thing that pops up is a registration page, you can be sure that there is a likelihood that the shopper will abandon that cart.

  1. A flexible display

Mobiles phones are everywhere. So many people walk around with their mobile phones and access the internet with it. When it comes to your e-commerce development, its display should fit perfectly across varying display sizes, and as earlier discussed, it should be easy to navigate. The position of your navigation keys will undoubtedly be entirely different in mobile phones than in laptops. This is just to ensure that both users get equal access and smooth experience on your website. This is what makes your e-commerce website mobile friendly.

  1. Extend your online store to a mobile app platform

Mobile apps are very useful marketing tools in today’s e-commerce world, and there is so many app building software that will make this seamless for you. Mobile apps are flexible, friendly and generally gives a better user interface. With a mobile app platform, customers can access your products anytime anywhere. They can always keep their shopping on hold and continue later, not having to start all over again. Customers can as well save items to buy them later. Customers do not need to go to a browser to access your website and its contents. Your mobile e-commerce brings everything to your customers. What makes it even better is than promotions, special offers and new arrivals can be displayed to customers as push notifications whether they are on your site or not. This way you are sure that something will attract your customers into making purchases. All your products and services should be available through your mobile app. And customers should also be able to complete transactions and make payment through the app or through your website, whichever one they choose to use.

A good e-commerce website design is pertinent for success when building an online store and optimizing conversion. You can keep track of your traffic and conversion rate on your e-commerce website by using web analytic tools.



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