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How to Sell Anything to Anybody

Whether you’re selling products to customers, ideas to your boss, or yourself to an employer, we’re all in sales. Here’s how to get the deal done. By Steve Tobak   CREDIT: Shutterstock Images You may not realize it, but the most critical junctures in your career involve selling. Whether you’re selling a product or service to a […]

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Losing Customers? 6 Things You Should Do Right Now

Business owners run into unexpected sales slumps all the time. When this occurs, though, it’s important to have a solid game plan that will identify the root cause of why customers are leaving so you can take appropriate measures to win them back. As a business owner, you’re always monitoring your customer base and sales […]

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4 Ways to Use Social Media to Sell Your Products

Q: What social-media techniques can startups integrate into their selling strategies? A: This is really a fantastic question because it highlights a remarkable change in the way people interact with each other and with the businesses they love. Just a few years ago, a small business would be content to have a pretty website, a frictionless […]

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Tips on creating great customer experience

Running business could be really complex leading to forget why you have started in first place. Forgetting your main goals is the worst thing that can happen. Delivering customer experience must be your primary goal. Lot of companies are losing sight of this while focusing on other issues like vendors, hires, profits, available budget and […]

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