Table for one? Becoming an entrepreneur can be a lonely affair…


It’s good to talk and coming from a large corporate team I’d always had the benefit of other people around me. If I wanted advice, wanted to share some news, needed someone else’s opinion or simply needed someone to vent my frustrations to it was a given someone would be around. What I hadn’t realised when I first decided to go it alone with my own business was the value of having those other people around me. I guess I took it for granted somewhat.

If I’m honest though, in the beginning I wasn’t all that worried about it. I was confident, I felt I was capable enough to go it alone, I didn’t really think about the human interaction thing. So I set about researching my business market and getting things moving – and that part wasn’t really a ‘lonely’ experience. I never thought about it. It was at the point I had a business model in place and had properly started trading that I noticed the empty space that having no ‘team mates’ had left.

Human nature

Like most people, I wanted and needed human interaction. I wanted to chat, to share my plans and my ideas with others and to get some feedback. So I began networking at local events to fill that void. It just so happens that it was a hugely important part of the process of growing my business both in terms of funding and the structure of my future board of directors. ….

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