IT and Marketing: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

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Think back to your previous jobs and it’s likely that you can remember departments that were siloed, each focused on its own wants, needs, and goals. The mail room, for example, might have wanted to end its workday at 4 p.m., even though the packaging department frequently had last-minute shipments.

No matter what industries you’ve worked in, you likely have experienced this silo approach. In today’s digital world, this is perhaps most often seen with the IT department and the marketing department, each of which often holds on to their information tightly, sharing it with the other department on a need-to-know basis (often believing there aren’t very good need-to-know reasons).

Let’s face it. The things that keep your IT team up at night are clearly not the same concerns that cause your marketing department to lose sleep. IT managers are focused on keeping their systems secure, stable, and reliable; marketing managers want to change things up with the latest tech for acquiring customers. IT often moves at a deliberate pace while digital marketing must move quickly to be effective. In between these groups can be a minefield of opposing priorities, perspectives, and even cultures. ….


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