How the UK’s biggest brands approach CRO and how you can emulate it

Experimentation is a word used a lot by large brands in terms of creating effective marketing campaigns that ‘speak’ to their audiences, creating high returns and viral branding opportunities – but how can you, as a small business tap into the thinking and approach used by some of these successful strategies?

I recently hosted an insight event, along with representatives from some of the UK’s biggest brands to share their thoughts and insights on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). This includes key elements such as: building a lean testing programme, applying testing to business challenges and, the buzzword of the moment, ‘personalisation’.

Building a lean testing programme

For the majority of UK brands just starting their testing, obtaining buy-in from stakeholders was key to building a testing programme within their companies. For those brands with more testing experience, the biggest challenge in building this lean programme came with shifting their culture.

We know from experience working on these projects, the key to adopting a testing culture is acknowledging – and leveraging – the focus on short-term testing and validation over long-term planning. A short-term iterative roadmap is far better than a long-term rigid roadmap.  ….


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