Steps to Implement a Sales Strategy Change

A big part of the sales manager’s job is getting her sales team to fall in line with company sales initiatives and overarching strategies. It is easier said than done, as salespeople – especially the great ones – tend to be very independent, tough-minded folks. So how do you get them to sign on to and execute a new sales strategy that’s been imposed on them from high?


Just telling the sales team what the new plan of action will be isn’t enough.

Remember, salespeople, are often independent and contrary. If you’re asking them to change their whole way of doing business, you must explain why the new strategy is important to the company and why you think it will work better than the old strategy. If you don’t know the answers to these questions yourself, pester upper management until they tell you.


Once you’ve explained what the strategy is about and why it matters to the company, the next step is to explain why it matters to your sales team. In essence, you’re selling your team on this new plan, so you need to approach it in the same way that you’d approach a sale to a prospect. In other words, you’d better have some powerful benefits to share with the sales team. Without benefits, why would the team bother to make more than the minimum effort to adhere to the new strategy? ….


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