How to Capture Leads’ Attention Without Relying on Gimmicks

At some point, we all find out what it’s like to be the target of lead generation. You download a whitepaper or subscribe to a blog out of curiosity; days later, you get an email in your inbox from the company’s sales team. As a salesperson, you understand these tactics. But when the shoe’s on the other foot, the last thing you want to do is give “just 10 minutes of your time” to a company that has — in your mind — contacted you out of the blue.

In the past, people felt guilty about not replying to emails or returning phone calls. But those days are long gone. We, as businesspeople, are now desensitized to that guilt. We’ve become averse to anything that’s irrelevant or nonurgent — and the same is true of our own prospective customer base.

What does that mean for sales teams? Traditional lead engagement tactics are waning in their effectiveness. If you really want to rise above the noise, you need to think beyond tired automated follow-ups (e.g., “Re: Our Call” or “Does this mean goodbye?” email subject lines). People are on to these ploys, and they’re turned off by such laziness. Your average business professional has both high standards and little tolerance for any communication he thinks will waste his time.

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