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By Richard Libin, President, Automotive Profit Builders and author of the just released book “Who Knew?” 

Work on the customer’s timeframe. We’ve all experienced the high-pressure sale, the push to “buy now” before it’s too late! While many salespeople believe this approach works, stories abound of customers who simply walked away because they didn’t like the pressure.

Does it really make a difference whether customers buy now, or if they come back when they are ready? If you keep pushing customers to buy now, you may simply run them off. The question becomes, “Is your business or store seeking to do business or simply to do business NOW?” What is the goal? The answer should be, “To build clientele that will return and shop repeatedly, not simply to close a quick sale NOW, today, right this moment.”

A serious misconception in the sales world is that business must be transacted immediately – NOW. As a result, sales professionals – many of whom really know better – repel customers or end up persuading customers to purchase something that doesn’t meet their needs, that they can’t afford, that they really don’t want or that leaves them dissatisfied. While this seems to indicate that high pressure selling works, in reality, customers feel they were coerced, they avoid the business in the future, and tell everyone they know about their bad experience. ….

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