6 tips for promoting your items on marketplaces

Promoting your products via online marketplaces can be a daunting task, especially when you are just starting out. Each marketplace has its own standards and peculiarities, sometimes making it difficult to get a handle on how best to promote your items.

However, there are some standard tips you can follow that lead to promotional success across the board. Here are a few best practices that work on multiple marketplaces, as well as your own e-commerce storefront.

1) Consider product positioning early on

Product positioning is all about communicating the relevant attributes of your product to your target audience effectively. So, your first concern should be finding the right niche for your product. This will help you decide which marketplaces are the best fits for your products.

2) Use good keyword practices in your product descriptions and link listings if possible

Once you know where you will be marketing your products, you must follow the guidelines specific to each marketplace for crafting your product descriptions. Where possible, follow basic SEO best practices by using effective keywords in your description. …

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