9 Sales Mistakes to Avoid in the New Digital Environment

9 Sales Mistakes to Avoid in the New Digital Environment

We live in a world of information overload. The direct effect is that getting people’s attention is harder than ever before. Customers have been empowered with increasing access to choice and knowledge. The beginning of any purchase journey is progressively migrating online, with salespeople losing influence as prospects utilize them later in the buying process, if at all.

Selling in this new environment requires salespeople to change some of their habits and behaviors, in order to refrain from making vital errors that will adversely affect their sales performance. Below are nine mistakes that salespeople should avoid:

Relying on Traditional Presentations and Information

At a time when customers did not have a lot of access to information, simply explaining how a company worked and giving the benefits of its products or services could be deemed interesting and valuable by a prospect. Today, this information is likely to be ubiquitously available online and, therefore, known by a buyer before they ever interact with a salesperson. Salespeople, can no longer regurgitate pedestrian information. They now must give “insight”. In other words, the “aha” moment we get when we learn something new. Without this they will simply be seen as an order taker by a prospect, or even cut out of the buying process altogether. ….

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