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As online shopping and sales continue to rise, online retailers need to implement several key techniques to drive sales and conversions from their website visitors and stay competitive with other businesses in the online marketplace. Here, we highlight some important tactics needed to grow and sell more products online.


Whether you have 10 products or 210, grouping them into proper categories helps your customers find what they need without much guesswork. Identify umbrella keywords that naturally represent the specific types of products and choose those to be the category names. Appending category tags and creating category pages will help with filtering.

Product Descriptions

Thorough and detailed product descriptions can make or break your conversion rates. Customers need to know what the product is, including its:

  • Features
  • Physical Properties
  • Functions
  • Size
  • Color
  • Value

Clear product descriptions and specifications are key to improving sells, but take it a bit further than the boring descriptions seen on every other site. Add your brand tone and personality to the descriptions to make them stand out and grab the customer’s attention. ….

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