Tips on Creating Effective Ads on iBuyWeSell

We will give you a tips on how to create more effective classified ads on iBuyWeSell.

iBuyWeSell is a nifty online and mobile marketplace that allows users to buy, sell, find, and share items – whether they’re brand new, or previously used.

Currently, there are over 1.5 million  users worldwide buying and selling through iBuyWeSell. This video should give you enough info on how you could use the different iBuyWeSell ad creation features to help you tap our booming market.

Item Name

Be descriptive in your item name. Try to be specific in your item name, particularly to the make and model of your item. Also consider how other people would be searching for your item and include that as a more general keyword.



Be competitive about your price. This is often the first thing that people check on a posted item, so it’s important that you keep your price competitive in order to stay in the race for your buyers’ attention. A quick search of the same item you wish to sell would be enough to show you what others are selling the same item for. iBuyWeSell also allows for a negotiable/non-negotiable toggle, so take that into consideration as well.


This is where you pull out all the stops. Try to describe your item as specifically as possible, but remember to be concise. Browsers would usually just a read a few lines of your description and skim the rest, then move on to the next ad if they don’t find yours as what they need. Also try to avoid huge blocks of text, breaking your description with line breaks or better yet, bullet points.

Item Picture

Although not a requirement, it is very important to include a photo when you post something up for sale. Buyers and browsers are visual in general and without a photo to separate your ad from the rest, it will usually just blend into the background. The iBuyWeSell app utilizes your phone’s camera to add images, so if you have your item with you, there shouldn’t be any reason for you to not upload an image. As it also allows for multiple images, try to upload more photos using different angles as well to better showcase your item.



This is also an optional feature, and although some people would be content to check a product out through the various photos, a video would also help show what your item looks like in action. You can also use the video to showcase its condition, so a video is also a good idea.

Now, we’ve all probably seen our own share of viral videos. One other nifty feature of the iBuyWeSell app is the option to add in a video for your ad. Adding in a video will not only get browsers more interested, as they are expecting to see the item possibly in action, but make it funny or interesting enough, and your video could go viral. This means more people sharing your ad, and more people learning about it, until someone somewhere decides to buy it.

Get started on your own ads today. Download the iBuyWeSell app and find out just how easy it is to get your stuff out there for everyone to find. Visit our website today at

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